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If you want your client's to perform in the ever-changing and challenging business environment, I cannot recommend The Leadership Advantage highly enough. 

       Richard Woods, Million Dollar Sprint





We understand that running a successful agency is no easy task. We're help to help! 
We are leadership and performance specialists working with business program owners. We act as your dedicated in-house team for leadership and performance development, delivering expert-led training to your program clients. Our collaboration frees you up to get more success for your clients, without compromising your time for wealth.
We aim not just to contribute to, but to your program growth and success, both online or face-to-face. 


A bit about Cara

Hi! I'm Cara Cunniff, a seasoned Performance and Leadership Coach, and founder of ThriveWell Global. At ThriveWell Global, we partner with you, the program owner, serving as your dedicated 'expert' leadership and performance coach. Our collaboration frees you up to get more success for your clients without compromising your time for wealth.
With 30 years of experience spanning the military, corporate, coaching, entrepreneurship, and endurance sports, I focus on unlocking leadership potential and enhancing performance. Our flagship program, The Leadership Advantage, offers a one-of-a-kind approach to develop business leaders and teams to enhance performance. 
I believe leadership excellence is an ongoing journey. It's not just about developing potential but taking action to improve lives.
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What is the Leadership Advantage?





Read the success stories of our customers to find out why companies choose us.


Richard Woods

Founder, Million Dollar Sprint

ThriveWell Global are awesome at developing leaders. As a result of working with ThriveWell, we experienced measurable gains in harnessing the power of personal leadership. Our team is now significantly more energised and understands the importance of their influence and impact. In particular, we loved the values and vibe session. If you want your leadership to perform in our ever-changing and challenging times, I cannot recommend ThriveWell Global highly enough

Oct 2023


Jess Salamanca

Startup Workshop at Enterprise Nation’s and HISCOX StartUp Show 2023

Cara was an inspiring speaker at our flagship StartUp Show event – her presentation was thought provoking, energetic and made an impact on our attendees. Attendees shared their business challenges and Cara gave them tailored action steps and ideas, which is a huge bonus for them. On top of providing super insightful tips and advice, Cara was incredibly easy to work with, made sure the presentation was perfect for our audience and spoke in a very engaging manner. We highly recommend Cara as a speaker.

Oct 2023


Jamie Burrows

Jamie Burrows Recruitment Training

‘Within the recruitment industry, it can be difficult to identify resilient individuals within an interview setting. A mindset that employers are looking for more and more. I asked ThriveWell to deliver some online Evergreen resilience training for my clients: recruiters. Cara's insights, methodology and Resilience Scorecard were an immediate win for all recruiters. This was far more than I had hoped for. Professional, creative and impactful. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Cara – AND as a result, she will be running additional training for my client base. When you are putting a business partner in front of your clients – you want to be able to trust them. You want them to do the job, and more! Cara and ThriveWell did just that.’

July 2022

We want your clients to succeed just as much as you do.

Why Choose Us to Bring The Leadership Advantage to Your Program

Happy clients

We are committed to client satisfaction and strive to help them resolve the most crucial and timely resilience issues.

Years of expertise

Our team of highly trained professionals bring experience from the British Military, endurance sport and coaching to deliver resilience solutions to meet each client's needs.


The Leadership Advantage

We empower, educate and upskill leaders around the world to realise their performance potential in challenging and changing times.

Experience and Accreditations


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You Engage

Partnering with Experts: So that you can building for scale & freedom
- We can serve you as a white label offering or as your expert.

We Train

Breadth and Diversity of Learning Content: So that you can attract & retain members

Your Clients Succeed

Inspire & Innovate: Enhancing program & client success

What are you dealing with right now?

Running a successful program is no easy task. 

The impact for the program owner is:Struggling to have days off?Unable to find consistent time to time to grow your program?Struggling with membership churn?

Commitment, Scale & Task Overload

Your unwavering dedication to not just exceptional delivery but also the growth of your program often leads to long work hours. This includes demands such as the constant creation of relevant course content, which significantly taxes your energy and time. Additionally, the rigid program routine can curb your creativity and the ability to take much-needed breaks.

Client Dependence & Expectation Management

When your clients depend on you too much, it can make it hard for you to unpeel yourself from program delivery and stop you from scaling effectively. Trying to meet everyone's different needs while also focusing on your program's goals can lead to stress, affecting the quality and breadth of your programme. In turn affecting your personal health and wellbeing.

Engagement, Motivation & Program Innovation

The task of maintaining client engagement and motivation throughout the life cycle of your program can be challenging. Ensuring consistent program innovation while also managing the tension between routine and the introduction of other speaker sessions increases these challenges. All these bring critical to reducing program member churn. 

Supporting you is our priority! Here's how we add value.

1. Adding Value to Your Clients

Our expert-led training boosts the quality, breadth, and appeal of your program. This amplification adds substantial value to your client's leadership development journey and potential business gain, making your program a favorable choice for your clients.

2. Adding Value to You, the Program Owner

Supporting your program, by offering expert-led training, we free up your time, allowing you to focus more on business growth or personal leisure. We aim not just to contribute to, but to complement your program online.

Using our 3-step REP method we specialise in:

Future-proofing Your Leadership

Create Positive Workplaces

Creating Competitive Advantage

Increasing Sales and Profit